Led Puck Lights Options

Led puck lights – If your cabinets are dark and gloomy, you can install the puck fixtures inside them to shed some light on the square. As the name suggests, puck lights typically round in shape and look like hockey puck. You can buy puck lighting in different sizes to suit your space. Choose larger puck light to give better light for a bigger room or use smaller puck lights to focus on certain objects in your closets.

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Although halogen bulbs come in a puck black and fits in a closet, they are not the best choice for in-cabinet lighting. Unlike other led puck lights options that fluorescents can halogen spotlights become hot while they are on, warming what you have in your cabinets, and compared to other bulbs, halogen have a relatively short life of only 4 000 hours. Halogen bulbs emit a warm white light.

LED, or light-emitting diodes, do not burn out like other types of led puck lights. They simply disappear. Available in a variety of bright colors, including warm and cool colors, LED lights are small, energy efficient and do not produce a lot of heat, which makes them a good in-cabinet option. They can last for over 10 years or up to 50 000 hours in some cases, depending on how you use them, but if you have your heart set on LEDs, expects to take a hit in your wallet.

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